Burmese Hair Bundles
Burmese Hair Bundles

Burmese Hair Bundles

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** This is a SINGLE bundle PURCHASE meaning one bundle per selection (Note it does not come in 3 or more) weighing about 3.5oz - 4.0oz **  

How many Daring Bundles should I buy?  

Our hair is not sold in packs, but in roughly 3.5- 4 oz bundles (bundle weight can vary slightly from around 3.5 oz and up).  We recommend a minimum of 8-9 ounces for lengths between 10-16 inches, and 12-15 ounces for lengths between 18-24 inches. For lengths greater than 24 inches, we suggest 18-21 ounces or more. In order to achieve fullness, typically more bundles are required for longer lengths.

Burmese hair comes from the country of Burma. The texture of the Burmese hair is well suited for those with coarse natural textured hair. Burmese hair is extremely resilient. Burmese hair is cross between Chinese and Indian hair and it gives you endless styling options. This hair can be worn in its original wavy pattern or straightened for a sleek look and will return to its original pattern once washed.