To Our Dare Dolls, 

At Dare To Have Hair, Inc., we deeply appreciate your business and take great pride in delivering the products you need, when you need them.  We personally acknowledge and apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing as a result of global delays affecting the shipment of our orders.  We want to let you know that our whole Dare team, greatly value your business and trust in our brand.

Consumers and businesses alike are finding it more difficult to get the products they want as quickly as they did only a few months ago. The most trying part about dealing with a global economic situation like this is that almost every type of product in every type of market is feeling the effect of product shortages and delays. Please know Dare To Have Hair, Inc., is working hard to provide you with the products you need as quickly as possible

Dare took action in the beginning of the pandemic to ensure that service to our customers would not be interrupted or stopped.  These actions helped us to maintain our commitment to you as our valued customers.  We worked through the pandemic with limited staff, social distancing, and mail delays.  During that time, we experienced an influx in orders that exceeded our team’s capacity due to staff shortages.   

We wish to be up front with you about this topic. Please know that our whole Dare team is working diligently to improve the situation and that we are doing our best to manage this on a level of personalized commitment — from the warehouse floors to our management offices, everyone in our organization is fighting to get every single unit out to every single customer. Our service has slipped, and we want you to know we have a strong sense of urgency to improve.

While we expect this to be a temporary situation, we understand how frustrating it has been. Dare associates are working hard to maintain service levels to the greatest extent possible, and we are also continuing to take action to reduce the impact on you as our customer. 

For example:

  • We have aggressively expanded our hiring efforts, including retention incentives, and ensuring our wages are competitive in the marketplace.
  • We continue to work closely with our suppliers to increase product availability
  • We continue to monitor the pandemic and its impact and constantly evolve our safety protocols to keep our associates and customers safe.
  • We are working to improve our in-store purchasing availability, payment options, and store hours
  • We are training our staff in customer service, customer experience and customer success techniques
  • We are working closely with our shipping carriers and monitoring the impact of deliveries and delivery timeframes
  • We are working on new systems for customer service representatives to ensure that your issues and concerns are priority 

While we’re confident these actions will make a difference, we still must prepare for any expected change locally and globally. For that reason, we’re committed to providing a greater level of communication and transparency and you can expect to receive more and better information from us as it pertains to you as our valued customer. 

As we prepare to act on our changes for our brand, we wanted to inform our customers that the website will be down from Wednesday, August 3rd to Thursday, August 4th . All orders that have been received will be processed and tracking information will be provided.  

Before the maintenance goes into effect, we would like to offer a

20% Off Coupon Code: DARENOW

for all purchases made until August 3rd

We want to take this time to personally thank you for your patience and loyalty and know that our whole team looks forward to fulfilling our commitment to you.


Dare Team